The BAUER Nitrox systems – for ambitious scuba divers and professionals alike

The BAUER Nitrox systems enable breathing air to be enhanced with an increased oxygen content of up to 40%. The systems assist diving instructors working in professional scuba diving, ambitious amateur scuba divers as well as scuba divers who make their living from diving, and the military.

The legislator has issued clear regulations, as the compression of gases requires a specific degree of tested safety.

Certification from the TÜV Süd (German Technical Inspection Authority) testifies that BAUER Nitrox compressors are equal to the BAUER principle of "safety not being negotiable".

This is an important consideration with regard to product liability in the event of accidents (in particular for tour operators and hotels who run diving centres on their sites).

The choice is up to you: depending on the amount of nitrox required, local infrastructure and geographical conditions, with our B-NITROX series, two different systems for generating nitrox are available to you. If you initially opt for the B-BLENDING Nitrox mixing system, but later find that you need more nitrox, all units in BAUER's Nitrox series can be expanded at a later date to include the corresponding components from BAUER's B-NITROX range to form a complete membrane system.