Air treatment and filter cartridge monitoring systems

Whether you rely on pure breathing air to DIN EN 12021 standards as a diver or fire fighter or seek optimised pure compressed air for sports applications such as filling paintball tanks, BAUER offers over 65 years of experience in air purification, in-depth research and tough material testing, adding up to outstanding quality and maximum safety.

Our goal in highly compressed air and gas purification, our aim is to minimise contamination from moisture, CO, CO2, oil and particulates.

The air quality generated by BAUER P- Purification Systems exceeds the requirements set out in the respiratory protection standard for compressed gases (DIN EN 12021¹). The air quality generated by a BAUER filter system also meets the following international standards: STANAG 1079 mW, British Standard 4001, US CGA Spec. G.7.1., Canada CSA Standard Z 180.1, Australian Army Standard 5017¹.

Conformity with these standards can only be ensured if BAUER filter cartridges suitable for the application concerned are used and the compressor is installed correctly and undergoes regular maintenance.

Other treatment systems and monitoring devices available from BAUER offer additional safety in specific areas of application.

¹ If the units are maintained and installed correctly as described in the user manual and subject to the BAUER AERO-GUARD being used if CO2 concentration in the intake air exceeds prescribed standard values.