High-pressure nitrogen applications

Packaging industry

Today, packaging must be lightweight, ergonomic and discreet, whilst at the same time promoting its brand. Using gas injection technology in the manufacture of packaging speeds up cycles, increases reliability and creates perfectly shaped parts.

GIT systems by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN are the key to cost-effective high-availability solutions for the respective applications.

Thanks to decades of experience in this field, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is your first port of call for system dimensioning and process engineering.

Specific applications of BAUER compressors

  • Drinks crates
  • Folding boxes
  • Packaging for cosmetics
  • Clothes hangers

Who are the customers of BAUER KOMPRESSOREN?

  • Production machine manufacturers
  • Production companies
  • Toolmakers

The benefits BAUER KOMPRESSOREN can offer you

  • Complete systems from nitrogen generation to gas recompression
  • Cost optimisation as a result of using less material
  • Lease compressors to bridge seasonal peaks in production
Which BAUER compressors support this type of application?
The series Delivery rates Pressure ranges Medium
High-pressure compressors
Control panels
Bypass valve
Gas injectors
6 m³/h – 300 m³/h 50 bar – 500 bar – Nitrogen
– Air