Warranty extension

By purchasing a BAUER KOMPRESSOREN system you have a very high quality product.

For even further security we offer a warranty extension according to your requirements in combination with a full maintenance contract.

The maintenance contract is performed or by an authorised and highly trained local dealer on site or by us as the manufacturer.

Warranty extension

  • Extended full warranty of up to 4 years according to the contract period
  • The extended warranty includes a maintenance contract including all original BAUER wearing and spare parts, labour and travel time

Who can really benefit?

  1. For customers with a fixed budget who want to protect themselves against the risk of additional, unplanned costs
  2. Ideal for fire departments and municipal facilities

Benefits to you:

  1. You can focus on your core business
  2. Precise cost planning
  3. Unrestricted availability of your systems

Apply for an extended warranty